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Reap the Benefits of an Individualized, Comprehensive Training Program no matter where you live!

Looking for a great program but do not live close to the facility? No problem. Get a customized training plan in-person on online.

Option 1: In-Person Customized Program 

If you live in the Tucson area and can make 2-3 visits to our facility, this option is for you. After consultation and testing, including the Functional Movement Screen, you will get the program that is designed specifically for you.

This is excellent for the endurance athlete or in any instance where time is of essence! Whether it is to create an individual-specific warm up, to provide exercise correction strategies, or to provide a complete program you can do on your own or at your gym, you will receive the right guidance to best suit your goals and needs. 

"I worked with Tammy in 2013/14 during the winter months before my big breakthrough season

in 2014. There is no doubt that Tammy helped me become a stronger, faster athlete"

- Sara Gross, 2014 Champion in Ironman Brazil and Ironman Mont-Tremblant

Option 2: Online Customized Program

If you do not live in the area, we can provide remote training. Each program is tailored for you, with attached videos illustrating exercises.

We have trained athletes via online throughout Canada and the United States, including Natasha Akbarizadeh - Canadian record-holder in the hammer throw. 

​"Thank you for everything Tammy. Your training program helped immensely. I wouldn't be throwing 50+ without your weight training!" 

Natasha Akbarizadeh, Canadian junior record-holder in the hammer throw.

No matter which option you choose or what your goals, you get a Custom-built program, as determined by your lifestyle, goals, and needs for optimal performance in sport or life.

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