Mission Statement:

  • To enhance athletic performance through innovative sport-specific training techniques, within a motivating and intimate atmosphere. To improve athleticism, stamina, strength, speed, and power as required based on sport biomechanics, physiology, and individual goals, strengths, and weaknesses - by developing and monitoring training programs based on current scientific research, education, and practical experience.
  • To reduce the risk of injury, and return athletes to sport post-injury as effectively as possible - by strengthening weaknesses and imbalances, and working closely with health care practitioners. 
  • To enhance each individual's physical health, self-confidence, and sense of well-being, while instilling a strong work ethic, discipline, and will of heart; to carry over to the field of competition and life.
  • To operate within guidelines and standards established in our professional field, as strength and conditioning specialists, to maintain professional integrity. 

Changing Lives. Building Champions.

About Andy Crepea

Andy has been a grinder at Rise since the beginning and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as a great passion for coaching! 

Andy graduated from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) with a degree in bioengineering. While there, he played  for the UCSD Rugby Team, the San Diequito Lacrosse Club, and was an avid amateur boxer. After college, Andy was commissioned in the Navy through the rigorous Aviation Officer Candidate School (Pensacola, FL) and served over 20 years as a Naval Flight Officer. His son is continuing the naval tradition as a member of the NROTC at University of Arizona and aspires to qualify for the Naval Special Warfare community.

Andy continued his love of boxing and rugby, playing with several club teams over the years. He is also an avid martial artist having studied judo, wing chun, and is currently a practitioner of Krav Maga.  Andy has been a youth boxing coach and youth rugby conditioning coach. He is currently pursuing his Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator (TSAC) certification through NSCA.

Andy especially enjoys helping young men and women physically prepare for the rigors of military boot camp and officer Candidate School.


"Tammy is without a doubt one of the most qualified strength and conditioning coaches I have had the privilege to work with."   - JC Boice, National Football Academies Director, Consultant for NFL Players Association and NCAA Certified Signingday Recruiting Services, Asst. Head Coach for Belmont High School Football, Head Coach of Westshore Rebels Jr Football Team.

  • M.Sc. Kinesiology with Sports Conditioning Specialization (AT Still University, Mesa AZ)
    • Received Certificate of Academic Excellence for 4.0 GPA
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association)
  • Certified Speed and Agility Specialist (IYCA)
  • Advanced Corrective Exercise (FMS Level 2)
  • B.Sc (University of Alberta/University of Victoria)
  • Fitness and Exercise Management (University of the Fraser Valley)

Tammy grew up with a brother who desperately wanted a little brother, so treated her like one instead. “Of this, I am very grateful and thanks to him, grew up around football and boxing: two sports I am very passionate about to this day.” She loved to watch him play football and deeply desired to play as well. However, being female, was not allowed to. So she hit the weights and took up boxing instead. Her first gym was a small, hard-core gym with an incredible “Rocky” atmosphere where she was one of only two females in the place. While training for competitive amateur boxing, she started running for conditioning and, after only 2 years of running at 28 years old, made the U of Alberta cross country run team. The next challenge was triathlon, where Tammy was a competitive amateur, competing in the Ironman World Championship (Kona) in 2009. She is a current Elite Spartan Obstacle Race Athlete. In 2016, Tammy qualified for her coin to the World's and entered the Ultra Beast in Lake Tahoe, where she placed 10th overall. She also placed 3rd female at her first ultra trail (Colossal Vail 55km).

Tammy is very passionate and dedicated in getting athletes to their best, stepping "out of the ordinary and extra ordinary." She has over 15 years experience in the field, and specializes in sport-specific strength and conditioning for optimal sport transfer. Tammy has worked with football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, boxing, mma, track and field, swimming, and triathlon/endurance events as well as other sports. She loves military-based training and helping men and women be prepared for physical training. Tammy has helped numerous athletes attain scholarships, get their first win, or simply attain a level they had not thought possible. 

About Tammy Kovaluk

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